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1. Request

Buyer requests for items

2. Get Quotes

We speak with our factories for the price point and lead time and samples are sent

3. Buyer Accepts

Buyer accepts the quote and main item with quantity is prepared

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4. Shipping Logistics

Product is shipped with full customs and tax payment taken cared for

5. Delivered

Product released from customs and delivered domestically door to door

6. Customer Charged

Customs and freight cost is charged

Shipping Containers

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Registering Products
After Service

Meet The Team


Jae Woo Kim


Mr. Jae Woo (Jack) Kim is a Founder of JT Group with a global presence in the US, Italy, Spain, China, Japan, Korea, and New Zealand. Mr. Kim brings a wealth of business knowledge and innovation to the Trading and Finance industry. He is proficient in Japanese, English, and Korean, and has a professional backgrounds with BCG, MUFG, and Morgan Stanley. Jack intends to be the first in the industry to perfect an all-in-one trading system, which will bring all small and large volume traders to close, without having to face structural and regulatory obstacles.


Matt Lindsey-Schrupp


Prior to Co-founding JT Strategic with Jack, Matt worked as an IT project manager at the international chemical company, Ecolab. As Chief Operating Officer, Matt's main responsibilities are to oversee all operations in the US. This includes handling existing contracts, establishing sales pipelines, finding new business opportunities within our desired sectors, and making connections that we can leverage now and in the future. Matt enjoys sales and finding new ways to offer more to our clients. He's excited about where JT Strategic is headed and will do all that he can to help grow this company.

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Steve Creasy

Strategic Partner

Steve Creasy is an experienced entrepreneur and founder of multiple e-commerce brands, with more than 15 years of experience in e-commerce, digital marketing, supply chain, brand development, corporate finance, and building remote teams. Steve lives in New York City, and holds a Bachelors degree in Finance from James Madison University, and a Masters degree in Finance from Florida State University.

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Adam Shaw

Strategic Partner

Adam is a serial entrepreneur with a focus in supply chain and business development. He works with factories out of China, Malaysia, and Vietnam. He speaks fluent Chinese and has strong relationships in Asia. He is experienced in sourcing products and supply chain. Adam has worked in the corporate consulting industry, partnered with TPG. He has a passion for innovation and is excited for the projects with JTS.

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